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ISE EXPO 2019 Call For Presentations


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Submission Deadline: March 1, 2019

Wednesday, September 25, 2019

8:00 AM – 9:00 AM
9:15 AM – 10:15 AM
Seminar Length: 60 minutes

Thursday, September 26, 2019

8:00 AM – 9:00 AM
9:15 AM – 10:15 AM
Seminar Length: 60 minutes






Be a part of the brand that educates, informs, inspires and engages our attendees by delivering top-notch education.  Submit YOUR seminar proposal and reach ISE EXPO attendees that have decision making authority and purchasing power!

ISE EXPO (formerly OSP EXPO) will be held from September 24 – 26, 2019 in Ft. Worth, Texas. ICT professionals from more than 40 countries worldwide attend for peer-to- peer learning, field trips, live demos, actionable education, thought leadership and powerful keynotes, face-to-face networking and solutions shopping.

Anyone involved in the network may submit a proposal – from executives and network engineers to educators and market analysts. Tracks and topics include:


Track 1: Core/Legacy Networks

Service providers are constantly looking for ways to increase rate and reach across the aged copper plant.  This requires tools and techniques to test, troubleshoot and maintain the core network. Seminars must share strategic and tactical solutions to help streamline core upgrades, reduce truck rolls and address aging equipment.

Sample topics:

•    G.Fast Realities
•    Gigabit Challenges/Solutions
•    Renewing Copper’s Life
•    New Strategies to Improve Rate and Reach
•    OTT Pressure and Solutions

Track 2: FTTH/FTTx Networks

Fiber networks require creative and cost-effective aerial and underground installation techniques and workforce strategies that reduce cost and improves ROI.  Seminars will share improved fiber deployment strategies to help providers get the promise of fiber in the hands of their customers – faster and more cost-effectively.

Sample Topics:
•    Improved Fiber Deployment Practices
•    Efficient FTTx Construction Practices
•    Micro-Technologies for a Congested Underground Environment
•    Disaster Readiness and Emergency Restoration
•    GPON’s Evolution


Track 3: Construction & Engineering for Network Reliability

Whether it’s fiber or copper or wireless, there will always be a demand for better and more cost-efficient ways to plan, deploy, monitor and maintain it.  Creating intelligent and simplified networks, improving GIS systems with predictive modeling or revamping field tech productivity systems can all  better the bottom line.

Sample Topics:
•    Power & Sustainability
•    GIS and Digital Imagery
•    Testing Strategies to Reduce OpEX
•    Technician Troubleshooting and Improvements
•    Network Management and Monitoring
•    Reducing the Network’s Environmental Footprint

Track 4: Wireless and Wireline Transformation

The demand for real-time data, video, IoT and M2M applications continue to increase overall data traffic. More than ever, providers are looking for ways to increase network performance and agility while decreasing CAPEX and OPEX across the wireless and wireline networks.

Sample topics:
•    Densification, Small Cells and DAS Network Best Practices
•    Preparation for 5G Networks
•    CRAN Design and Future Considerations
•    Offload, Backhaul and Fronthaul Improvements
•    Data Center & CORD Solutions to Meet IoT/M2M Demands
•    Remote Powering and Back Up Power Strategies

Track 5: Network Transformation: SDN/NFV/Data Centers

Network automation, SDN and NFV, Cloud and Data Center technologies are critical to standardize and simplify today’s networks.  In addition, providers are looking for ways to improve their powering techniques, while reducing their energy, cooling and data center/CO infrastructure costs.

Seminars in this track will arm attendees with best practices and new solutions for their current and future infrastructure challenges.   Think SDN and NFV; the latest way to ramp from 100G to 400G or Hybrid Cloud Environments

Sample Topics:
•    Network Simplification and Standardization
•    SDN and NFV in the Real World
•    Cloud/Data Center and Infrastructure Management
•    Virtualization of Power for Data Centers
•    Optical Network Transformation for a Simpler Network


Presentation Guidelines:


Agenda Schedule ISE EXPO managers will set the day and time for each presentation in order to optimize the sequencing and flow of content and tracks. Sessions will end by 10:15 am each day.

What’s In It For Me?

ISE EXPO does not pay an honorarium or travel expenses to its speakers. Application is free. If selected, all speakers will receive the following:


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If selected, ISE EXPO managers will work with you to provide the following:


If you have questions about presentation guidelines, speaker benefits or seminar audience, please contact Amy Mullally at or 773.754.3245.