With the ICT landscape changing at warp speed, soon there could be the expectation your compensation will be tied to your continuing education.  Why?  Because many believe the telecom business is at a critical point and people need to take charge of their professional development in order to keep up.

Each year, ISE EXPO offers over 30 educational seminars tailored for you. Our educational sessions cover the network solutions and topics you need to stay on top of your game.



Track 1: Access Network Advances

Sample topics:
• Construction & Engineering Challenges
• Core Network Transformation for 5G
• IP
• Open Source / White Boxes
• Gigabit Ethernet
• Core Transformation & Evolution
• Optical Fiber Evolution in the Core
• Intent-based Networks
• How 5G Impacts the Core Network

Track 2: Network Reliability/Power/GIS/Cybersecurity

Sample Topics:
•   FTTx Deployment/PON Evolution
•   Underground & Aerial Contruction
•   Copper Upgrades & Maintenance: xDSL,, Vectoring
•   Hybrid Networks
•   Leveraging Your Underground Fiber
•   Tech Tips to Remain Relevant
•   Copper Pair Maintenance & Troubleshooting
•   Fiber Optic Maintenance & Troubleshooting
•   Gigabit Broadband for Multi-Dwelling Units (MDUs)
•   Effectively Finding the Root Cause of Poor QoE
•   Re-Architecting the Fiber Connectivity Layer at Next-Gen COs & DCs
•   Converging Wireless Fronthaul/Backhaul and FTTH Networks

Track 3: 5G Infrastructure Preparedness

Sample Topics:
•  Cell Densification
•  Small Cells
•  Backhaul, Fronthaul
•  CRAN and Cloud RAN
•  Fixed Wireless
•  Iot
•   Wi-Fi
•   Tower Management
•   5G’s Wireline Pulse Beats for Fiber
•   Advances in Wireline/Wireless Integration

Track 4: Network Virtualization & Automation

Sample topics:
•   Service Assurance
•   Power/Grounding
•   GIS
•   Safety
•   Cybersecurity
•   Network Restoration
•   IoT: Shaping the Future of Backup Battery Power
•   Creating the Telecom of the Future With GIS
•   Visible Field Test Process Automation & Analytics
•   Harvesting Solar to Power your Network Devices
•   How Evolutions in LTE networks and Fuel Cell Power Have Changed the Site Paradigm

Track 5: Core Distribution Network Advances

Sample Topics:
•  Intent-based Networking
•  Distributed Cloud
•  Data Centers/CORD
•  Network Slicing
•  Machine Learning & AI
•  Data Centers/CORD
•  Optimized Multi-Layer Protection in Transport SDN
•  Supply Chain Role in NFV Solution Integration – Getting to the “Easy Button”
•  Data Centers and Web Scale Transformation
•  Big Data Analytics, Cybersecurity and Machine Learning