Exhibitor Invites

ISE EXPO FREE Email Marketing Program for Exhibitors

Exhibitor Invites is a great way to boost awareness about your company, increase your ROI from the show, and help ensure your key customers and prospects attend ISE EXPO 2018.

How Exhibitor Invites Works

Welcome to Exhibitor Invites for ISE EXPO 2018, the email invitation system that allows exhibitors to reach their customers and prospects with a customized email invitation by completing this Easy 4 Step Process.

Click here to see three examples of how you can reach your client base and invite them to your booth at ISE EXPO 2018.

Exhibitor Invites® is a FREE system that allows exhibitors to reach their customers and prospects with customized email invitations. Click here for more information.


What is Exhibitor Invites?

Exhibitor Invites is a FREE email marketing program designed to help you connect with your customers and prospects before the show, letting them know that you’ll be exhibiting at ISE EXPO 2018, and keeping them informed about your latest product and technology offerings.


Is it really FREE?

Yes, the Exhibitor Invites program is included in the cost of your booth. ISE EXPO has purchased this great, pre-show marketing tool for all registered exhibitors to help ensure your key contacts attend ISE EXPO 2018.


How it works.

Send up to three emails to your customers and prospects, offering them complimentary admission (a $550 value) and a friendly reminder to stop by your booth.

Exhibitor Invites Program Benefits – Included with Your Booth!



“We use the Exhibitor Invites program each year because we know our customers are opening the emails.”

“The Exhibitor Invites service is very valuable to us – a lot of our customers and prospects come to the show, and visit our booth, because of the program. We have used it every year since 2012!”

“I really like this program because it is free for us as exhibitors, and it’s a great way to get people to our booth, since it offers huge savings for our customers and prospects!”


Busy? Need assistance?

Contact your personal Exhibitor Invites Specialist to assist you with the program: Dustin Voss at 319-423-8702 or dustinv@exhibitorinvitesteam.com Monday – Friday 9:30AM – 5:30PM Eastern