Make Your Case to Attend

You’re in Charge of Your OWN Professional Development.

Keeping yourself fresh with knowledge and staying ahead of the game is key to advancing in your career. By attending ISE EXPO, you will return to your employer armed with the latest ICT products and new knowledge that will help you both.

The trick is getting approval to attend!
That’s why we want to help you convince your employer that it’s in the company’s best interest to allow you to attend ISE EXPO 2019.

Below are tips to gain support for attending:

Borrow the ‘Send me to ISE EXPO and our company will benefit’ letter that we’ve drafted below. This general template will get you started while allowing you to customize it with your company’s particular needs.


Dear <supervisor’s name>,

Our company needs people who are aware of the trends and direction of the ICT industry in order to solve problems and work smarter. I’m on mission to be one of those people and I know I can help our team by attending ISE EXPO 2019.

When you allow me to attend ISE EXPO 2019, September 24 – 26, in Fort Worth, Texas, I can learn from a number of educational sessions that are directly applicable to my work. And I’m happy to share that knowledge with our team members when I return. How you ask? Here are just some of the ideas I have to spread the wealth of knowledge I gain and help make our team even better at what we do.

When I return, I am prepared to:

I have identified a number of educational sessions which will allow me to gain knowledge in areas of that could immediately be put to use with <project(s) you are working on>. The presentations are facilitated by both leading industry experts and telecommunications colleagues who have faced similar challenges.

The total costs for the conference are . The detailed cost breakdown is listed below:

Airfare: <$xxxx>

Transportation: <$xxxx>

Hotel: <$xxxx>

Meals (estimate): <$xxxx>

Registration Fee: <$0 Complimentary to ICT Professionals >

The total costs associated with attending this conference are <$xxxx>.

The opportunity for me to develop better contacts and gain knowledge in specific areas of makes my attendance at ISE EXPO 2019 a wise investment, which will yield rich dividends for our organization.


<Your name here>