Track 2: FTTH/FTTx Networks

Best Practices for Fast, Efficient MDU Design

August 16, 2018 9:15 AM - 10:15 AM

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Paul Tyma

BICSI – 1 CEC, ETA – 3 CEC’s

Fiber optic networks are an integral subsystem of today’s Multi-Tenant and Multi-Dwelling unit developments. Although innovations in engineering methods, installation practices and product technology continue, effective communications and collaboration remain crucial in generating fiber optic designs that meet the needs of end-users, service providers, and building owners/managers. Paramount to an effective design is one that can be configured (and re-configured) quickly and implemented quickly, safely and with minimal impact on existing building structures and cable pathways. This presentation explores the considerations that go into such a design, and defines effective processes (including best practices and tools) needed to realize the customers’ vision of today’s high-speed data and video services.