Track 3: Construction & Engineering for Network Reliability

Creating the Telecom of the Future With GIS

August 16, 2018 9:15 AM - 10:15 AM

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Randall Frantz
Kevin Maes
Erin Hayes
Michael Measels


Panel Discussion Moderated by Randy Frantz, Director of Telecommunications, Esri


Kevin Maes, Manager OPS Engineering and Construction, TDS Telecom
Erin Hayes, Director of Central Construction , Midco
Michael Measels, Vice President, Business Development, 3-GIS

A geographical information system (GIS) provides superior capabilities to collect, visualize, and analyze spatial data to better understand relationships, patterns and trends. These capabilities are essential as telecommunications companies are rapidly transforming their network technologies and developing new business models. The stakes have never been higher as executives seek to make the right strategic investment decisions. Understanding market dynamics and making intelligent capital investments with the myriad of new network technologies is a complex process. The more complex the problem, the more value GIS can deliver.

The panelists will discuss how they are already using advanced location based modeling and analytics to improve decision making and succeed in a highly competitive market. Applying location based modeling and analytical capabilities, the GIS can predict where to deploy capital investment to optimize network and service performance. These modeling capabilities can reduce time and cost by automating many manual processes. Forward thinking companies are already exploring the application of GIS modeling techniques to provide recommendations on where to make capital investments to optimize ROI.