Track 4: Wireline & Wireless Transformation

Exploring the Synergies Between Wireless and Wireline in 5G Planning

August 15, 2018 9:15 AM - 10:15 AM

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Kevin Wynne

BICSI – 1 CEC, ETA – 3 CEC’s

The current market interest into 5G is driven by the need for a combination of high bandwidth and increased mobility. While every operator and engineer is talking about 5G, few know what these networks will ultimately look like when they are built. The high number of antennas required for these deployments means that operators should no longer consider the planning of wireless and wireline as separate, isolated processes; but rather should consider utilizing an integrated, optimized planning methodology.
In this session we will cover how to take an integrated approach to planning and designing a 5G deployment. We will examine the desired interaction between the wireless and wireline design in real scenarios, including how geography and technical specifications will affect the optimal solution. We will also look at ways to optimize the cost of a small cell deployment, while ensuring that such an optimization does not jeopardize the network performance.