Track 3: Construction & Engineering for Network Reliability

Fusion Splicing Basics – Do it Right the First Time!

August 15, 2018 8:00 AM - 9:00 AM

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Keith Foord

BICSI – 1 CEC, ETA – 3 CEC’s

If the fusion splicer is working OK the technician just needs to push the “Start” button and everything will be OK! But what happens if there is a problem? This seminar will show all of the steps to successful cleaving and splicing as well as testing of the finished splice for customer compliance. Industry standard best practices will be discussed so that the technician knows how to setup and maintain their cleaver and splicer for optimum results. The importance of ARC calibrations, cleaning and maintenance menu items will be explained so that common splicing pitfalls are avoided. Testing of the finished splice will include typical OTDR measurements and their interpretation.

Once the technician is well versed in the basics of fusion splicing and knows how to use their splicer properly they will be able to meet demanding schedules by avoiding costly mistakes. This seminar will detail best practices and tips and tricks for successful fusion splicing.