Track 4: Wireline & Wireless Transformation

Harvesting Solar to Power Your Network Devices

August 15, 2018 9:15 AM - 10:15 AM

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Chris Wacker


Do you need to power ONTs, wireless or other equipment where utility power doesn’t exist? Join Chris Wacker, president of ESPi, as he teaches how to power any remote device using solar energy. Since ESPi launched its latest award-winning Voltar Solar UPS, it has become clear that the telecom industry needs help to understand how to size panels and batteries for any network application.

Our new educational seminar helps you harness solar power to run your data equipment. This seminar covers the differences in solar panels and batteries. Chris will also explain how to size for maximum battery life and lowest maintenance cost. This educational material is very focused on the engineering behind solar and is applicable to any off-grid solar application (not grid connected). It is not specific to ESPi and is great information to have, regardless of what off-grid solar product you may have.

Nearly every communications company has at least one situation in which it needs to power a network device where utility power is missing. For the last hundred years, power has been delivered through copper lines, but now every provider has at least one POTS line that doesn’t have local power available. Wired or wireless, local or remote, there is no network without power.

The options are:

  1. Pay the utility company to set a meter at a minimum cost of $25 per month
  2. Tell the customer they can’t have service without power
  3. Install solar to power the device.

Solar can be challenging and we have a method to make it easy regardless of what you purchase. The most important element of making it work well is to engineer it correctly.