Track 3: Construction & Engineering for Network Reliability

How Telcos Save Millions with Superior Remote Monitoring & Control

August 15, 2018 8:00 AM - 9:00 AM

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Andrew Erickson

BICSI – 1 CEC, ETA – 3 CEC’s

Get access to a collection of best practices drawn from interviews with wireline & wireless providers across the US and the globe, such as:

1.   Minimizing truck rolls by improving notification detail. Solve problems on the first site visit – or without even driving to the site at all.
2.   Reducing energy consumption with intelligent HVAC lead-lag management, logging, and analytics. Find patterns in your daily and annual temperature cycles. Identify where you’re      prematurely aging your HVAC units.
3.   Minimizing liability risk and wasted expense with effective monitoring of tower lights. Avoid FCC fines for non-compliance.
4.   Increasing security with physical site access control. Control doors electronically to make lost keys a virtual non-issue. Monitor fences and copper lines against damage and theft.
5.   Training NOC users to be more effective dispatchers. Give your people the detailed information they need to decisively act and stop problems before they start.
6.   Algorithmic approaches to reducing nuisance alerts from flickering alarm triggers.
7.   Migrating gradually from legacy to more modern equipment across multiple budget cycles instead of an all-at-once forklift swapout. Learn how you can mediate old protocols and transport channels to buy yourself time for a comfortable migration.
8.   Tracking site environmental levels effectively without tediously wiring hundreds of sensor nodes.
9.   Escalating alerts to supervisors when automatically to avoid a single human point of failure.
10. Mitigating extreme high and low temperatures inside your equipment shelters.