Track 1: Access Network Advances

Leveraging AR/VR and Virtual Assistants in Field Operations

September 26, 2019 8:00 AM - 9:00 AM

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Erik Sheehan



Field service technicians that build, install and maintain advanced fiber networks capable of supporting 5G and other important emerging technologies can benefit from practical uses of AR, VR, and Virtual Assistants applications. These tools allow us to exchange information and collaborate more efficiently and effectively when new products, or more advanced technologies, are introduced. They can also improve new tool and process adoption by simplifying and streamlining procedures, or can be leveraged to facilitate specialized work functions. Pragmatic integration of these applications has contributed to major improvements in employee morale and engagement, which has led to better customer experiences and increases in field technician generated revenue. Additionally, greater process and procedure adoption has led to improvements across all field KPIs. These technology applications can not only help incumbent employees, but also lead to more efficient training and a more advanced skill set for new employees as well.