Track 1: Access Network Advances

Managing Permitting Madness

September 26, 2019 9:15 AM - 10:15 AM

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Allison Richards
Will Bender



In any telecommunication endeavor, better upfront planning and communication helps mitigate project delays. A common and harmful delay often stems from the inability to secure an approved encroachment permit from municipalities. These interruptions most importantly affect the customer receiving service, but also result in cost increases for the network owner, resource allocation problems for construction workers, and losing subcontractors to other projects. Anticipating and understanding the reasons behind permit rejections are key to facilitating the project for all stakeholders. Focusing on the relationship between the engineering company and the municipalities, we will examine the challenges and root causes of project delays, including miscommunication with permitting authority, inability to access pertinent data (tract and parcel maps), and midstream design alterations. We will then cover mitigation solutions and discuss key strategies for permitting success, such as municipal engagement, upfront planning, and full utilization of available data.
Effective permitting takes experience and a clear understanding of stakeholder needs and requirements. QC Data has undertaken telecom permitting activities with over 150 municipalities and uses these experiences as the foundation for our permitting best practices. Our presentation will incorporate discussion of observed root causes of permit approval delay as well as summarize and examine practices to mitigate these issues. We will also include a two-case-study comparison, one showing the best-case scenario for resolution.