Track 3: 5G Infrastructure Preparedness

MDU Convergence: The Need for Speed

September 26, 2019 8:00 AM - 9:00 AM

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Claude Dupuis



Multi-Dwelling Units (MDUs) remain a key segment for carriers to serve across North America. With the push for higher speed services, operators are looking at a variety of technologies (, GPON, XGS-PON, DOCSIS3.1, FWA, etc.) to provide 1Gbps services to these MDUs. A variety of technologies from various suppliers can cripple the operator with different management systems rendering the access network very complex and unwieldy to manage. Operators need a single management interface to the various technologies to allow simplicity of use. The objective is to provide 1Gbps services to end users regardless of the technology used. The introduction of Software Defined Access Networks (SDAN) has seen the introduction of open interfaces, such as open YANG models as defined by the Broadband Forum (BBF). The benefits to operators are many, including the ability to introduce multiple vendors who are compliant to the open YANG models. This in turn also allows operators to utilize a single management interface with which to manage the various access network components regardless of the underlying technology (, PON, FWA, etc.). SDAN can enable quicker deployment of access nodes, reduce OpEx, simplify network operations and enable operator driven use cases (i.e. network slicing) that can generate incremental revenue. The advent of SDAN brings MDU convergence to the forefront for operators who are looking to simplify their networks. Vendors who can deliver on E2E solutions will be best positioned to serve the access needs of the future.

This seminar will cover how MDU Convergence allows operators to deploy a variety of access technologies providing Gigabit Broadband services, all managed from a common management system.