Track 5: Network Transformation: SDN/NFV/Data Centers

Supply Chain Role in NFV Solution Integration – Getting to the “Easy Button”

August 15, 2018 9:15 AM - 10:15 AM

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Joe Baeumel


Several years ago, the NFV initiative was launched with high expectations that operators would be able to mix-n-match components in a multi-supplier ecosystem with significant cost savings and faster time to market with new features and services. Despite numerous successful POCs and trials in the intervening years, few POCs have been turned into commercial reality.

A few of the factors at play are:

  • The ETSI Reference Architecture offers a functional specification with integration details left as an exercise for the broader community.
  • There are numerous platform architectures and multiple distributions of virtualization layer software from a host of vendors.
  • VNF developers are challenged by lack of standardized onboarding practices and tools making testing and staying current with all distributions and versions a daunting challenge.
  • Many operators found themselves as the solutions integrator and ill-equipped to fill that role lacking the necessary skill sets, and resources to carry out the task.

As CSPs work toward envisioning and executing on NFV based capabilities they should seek ecosystem partners who are unique with regard to industry leading technology and global expertise. This presentation will outline a logical and prioritized set of linked activities needed to (1) address the aforementioned challenges & (2) provide an open reference design and best practices, including benchmarking. In addition, we make the case for standards-based & recognized Independent Lab testing as a way to unburden Operators and provide scalability in the industry.