Track 2: FTTH/FTTx Networks

The Last Mile: Navigating the Unpredictable FTTx Terrain

August 16, 2018 8:00 AM - 9:00 AM

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Tom Warren

BICSI – 1 CEC, ETA – 3 CEC’s

It’s no secret that every network is different, particularly in the last mile. For instance, digging in the trenches isn’t the same in every community – there may be sand in Florida, clay in Virginia, silt in Alaska. Therefore, network design at the last mile requires the service provider to address various factors influenced by location – rural versus urban; ground type and whether it’s rock, soil, clay or sand; first build cost preferences; network operations and maintenance. Most will be dependent on what is deemed top priority.

Is it:

  • First-build cost?
  • Long-term cost (ease of restoration after disruption)?
  • Environmental concerns?
  • Configuration flexibility?

It’s imperative to have a solution that is capable of aligning first-build initiatives across multiple network architectures being deployed in above- or below-grade environments. Each individual characteristic will indicate the architecture that is best suited to deliver fiber. In this session, Clearfield will discuss the best practices to ensure an FTTH deployment is malleable and capable of navigating varied FTTH network terrains.